Designing A Career

I have spent my entire professional career using design as a method of communicating purpose and intent to the viewer. As a designer, I have been blessed with opportunities to present my concepts in many different formats like print collateral, corporate presentations, artwork for government proposals, employee intranet sites, corporate internet sites, portal sites and application solutions for web-based B2B, mobile & television experiences.

As a User Experience Designer, I have successfully balanced the creative and logical design processes to create user-friendly solutions to complex problems. I enjoy “deep dives” into technical discussions as much as performing user-centered design techniques to identify user's needs and requirements.


More About Me

Craig Cailler's Personalysis Chart

"Craig likes people-type roles and undertaking organizational challenges. Enjoys orchestrating and coordinating a variety of activities. In approach, has a friendly manner and is concerned about a team outcome. When managing, organizes, teaches and facilitates an action program. Uses different strategies and persuasion to get everyone to cooperate and get things done."

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